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Xiaoli ZHAN

Xiaoli ZHAN, born on November 4, 1976 in Qingdao, Shandong Province, Chinese female singer, teacher in Beijing Contemporary Music Academy.She graduated from the Vienna Institute of Music jazz.

In 2003, Zhan Xiaoxing studied at the Vienna Institute of Music, Vienna, Austria.In 2008,  she did six Jazz recordings with French musicians in Paris. In 2010, ZHAN in the her original music album "Come Closer" in UK and completed songwriting, arranger and singing all by herself.The same year, Zhan  and her friends formed "Xiaoli ZHAN Jazz Group "and served as lead singer. In 2012, the group was invited to participate in the "Shanghai Luhang Bird Festival" [4]. In 2014, the Zhan Xiaoying Jazz Group was invited to participate in the "Luhang Jade Bird Music Festival”. In 2015, she participated in “The Voice of China fourth season" and joined Jay Chou team in blind selection with a modified version of the "curved moon". December 30, 2016, she launched the second solo music album "Jazzpetion".