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Mr. Miss

Liu Lian and Du Kai formed the vocal jazz group Mr. Miss in 2009 while pursuing their studies in Peking University. They were praised and recommended by renowned industry figures such as Liu Huan, Gao Xiaosong, Zhang Yadong and Yuan Weiren in various television programs such as “Sing My Song ", "China's Got Talent", and "Red Bull New Energy Music Program" etc. In 2016, they appeared on the stage of Zhang Bei Music Festival, the Simple Life Festival and the Shanghai JZ Festival, and in the same year released their debut album, "Mr. Miss". The duo then went on to win the Best Vocal Collaboration Award at the prestigious Golden Melody Award held in Taiwan in 2017.

Basic information

Chinese name: Xian Sheng Xiao Jie

English name: Mr. Miss

Nationality: China

Ethnicity: Han

Profession: Jazz Musicians

Agency: Beijing Caotai Music Culture Communication Co., Ltd

Hits: The Story of Mr. Miss; Leave All Worries to Tomorrow; Late Stage Procrastinator.

Genres: Tin Pan Alley; Bossa Nova

Members: Vocal Liu Lian, Du Kai; Guitar Du Kai



Liu Lian and Du Kai first met in a singing competition held in Peking University. Drawn together by their mutual appreciation and pursuit of music, they started working together and formed the Jazz group Mr. Miss. They aspire to continue developing their distinct vocals and unique style of music through an incessant exploration of creativity and performance.


Music Style and Genres

Recognized for their retro and nostalgic style of music as a vocal jazz group, Mr. Miss’ music style has been inherited from the traditions of early 20th century Jazz in The Great American Songbook. As Liberal Arts graduates majoring in Music History, they seek the origin of Jazz songwriting and are inspired by Tin Pan Alley songwriters such as Irving Berlin, George Gershwin, Jerome Kern, and Richard Rodgers etc. In addition to this, they are also influenced by composers who created music during the rise of The Republic of China such as Li Jinguang, Chen Gexin, and Yan Zhexi. Through merging Tin Pan Alley and Chinese interpretations of Jazz music, Mr. Miss is able to create their own unique sound. Paired with their colloquial and humorous lyrics that depict the every-day life of the urban youth, their music is also known as Worry-Free Jazz due to the warmth, comfort and humor it brings to its audience.



Liu Lian, the female vocalist and Kazoo player of Mr. Miss, graduated from the School of Archaeology and Museology from Peking University. After realizing her passion for Bossa Nova music in high school, she began performing as Mr. Miss’ female vocalist in 2009. Using her unique voice, she has won the admiration of many fans, and continues to explore distinct expressions of music through her innate musicality.


Du Kai, the male vocalist, guitarist and producer of Mr. Miss, graduated from Peking University with a Bachelor’s degree in History and a Master's degree in Musicology. Since high school, he has been writing and producing songs, as well as working on a variety of records, movies, dramas, and soundtracks. In the past he was the guitarist for the band “Zi Yue Qiu Ye” and the chorus singer for “Muma & Third Party”. His abundant experience in the field of music allows him to create unique music with flexible and dynamic sounds for Mr. Miss.



In May 2010, they attended Chaoyang Park Music Festival

In May 2011, they participated in the second season of China's Got Talent and entered the second round by recomposing the song “The Girl Next to Me”

In 2011, their song entered the music collection of the Red Bull New Energy Music Project “Now”

In January 2014, they presented their own song “The Story of Mr. Miss” in the first season of Sing My Song, and were chosen by Liu Huan

In 2014, they were invited to attend the DIMA JAZZ Festival in Algeria

In 2015, they were invited to write the theme song for Mercedes-Benz China

In 2015, they were signed by Beijing Caotai Music Culture Communication Co., Ltd

In July 2016, they performed in Zhang Bei Music Festival

In September 2016, they were invited to be the OPPO music ambassador of the Color Run in Shanghai and wrote the theme song "Five Minutes to Charge, I Want to Talk With Someone for Two Hours."

In October 2016, they performed in Shanghai Simple Life Festival

In October 2016, they performed in Shanghai JZ Festival

In November 2016, they released their debut album "Mr. Miss"

On January 13th, 2017, they held a concert to promote the album ”Mr. Miss” in Beijing

On May 16th 2017, they were nominated for the 28th Golden Melody Awards Best New Artist, Best Vocal Collaboration and Best Album Producer Awards

On June 24th 2017, they won the 28th Golden Melody Awards Best Vocal Collaboration Award