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Chen Kai, graduated from the Department of Music, South China Normal University, majoring in accordion and solo practice.

During his undergraduate years,he was exposed to  different music culture and ideology like psychedelic / rock / street music / dance floor music / jazz / hip hop / Fushion / experiment / electronic music / atmosphere music in addition to classical music, and gradually a variety of musical ideology.He combined traditional soundtrack accordion with music hardware effects to perform improvisation music with personal feelings and mental outlook, constituted a unique, free, more emotional performing style, with nearly a hundred performances each year in all kinds of traditional performance stages and contemporary art centres and cooperate with all kinds of pioneer artists to cooperate in accordion film soundtrack and performance.

In 2005 ,he was invited for the sponsorship of the Italian Boluo Granville accordion company as its Chinese brand ambassador.

 In 2017,he was invited to shoot personal VCR for the top art creative life video brand "Sola" .