JZ Spring 2016: When Jazz Meets China

JZ Spring is an annual event from April 30th to May 2nd brought to you by the people who organize the JZ Festival. Over a hundred international and local jazz musicians have been invited to perform in the park, on the streets, and at one of the premier concert venues in Shanghai’s Jing’An disctrict. In addition, all of the outdoor the performances will be free of charge.


The theme of JZ Spring 2016 is “When Jazz Meets China.” Featured jazz trumpeter Li Xiaochuan and the JZ Symphony Orchestra will headline the opening concert on April 30th which coincides with the 5th International Jazz Day. The special performance will feature original jazz renditions of traditional Chinese songs as arranged by David Laborier and Grammy Award-winning conductor Gast Waltzing from Luxembourg.


From May 1-2, there will be four main attractions for this year’s JZ Spring:


JZ Park: The event’s biggest stage at Jing’An Park

JZ City: Bands from Umbria Jazz Festival to perform at Réel Plaza

Love My Music: Showcase of up and coming talents at Jing’An Temple Square

JZ Theatre: Featured concerts at the Shanghai Center Theatre


JZ Spring 2016 has activities for all ages including games, interactive music areas, and live street performances. In addition, ukulele players and swing dancers will be present throughout the three-day festival. At the JZ City attraction, bands and vendors from the historic Umbria region in Italy will provide a slice of international music and culture. JZ Spring has also partnered with LOHAS Earth Day which promotes healthy lifestyles and sustainability.



JZ Spring Festival 2016 International Jazz Day Opening Concert:

“When Jazz Meets China” Li Xiaochuan and JZ Symphony Orchestra, Conducted by Grammy Award Winner Gast Waltzing Featuring Music Arranged by Gast Waltzing and David Laborier - 20:00-21:30



JZ Park: Jing’An Park - 10:30-20:00

Love My Music: Jing’An Temple Square - 14:00-19:00

JZ City: Réel Plaza - 15:00-20:00

JZ Theatre: Shanghai Centre Theatre - Jianyi Huang Trio: 19:00-20:00/Petra Haden and Jesse Harris 20:30-22:00



JZ Park: Jing’An Park - 10:30-20:00

Love My Music: Jing’An Temple Square - 14:00-19:00

JZ City: Réel - 15:00-20:00

JZ Theatre: Shanghai Centre Theatre - A Bu Trio: 19:00-20:00/Eddie Daniels Quartet 20:30-22:00


More information about JZ Spring 2016:

JZ Theatre Tickets: http://www.smartshanghai.com/smartticket/

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