Details of Pat Metheny Unity Group BMW Master Hall Open For All•Ceremony of JZ Festival 2014


17:00 Tickets Change

17:30 Check In

18:00 Warm Up Performance

19:00 -21:30 Pat Metheny Unity Group



BMW Brand Experience Centre

35 Xueye Road (near Shangnan Road), World Expo Park, Pudong New Area, Shanghai


*Metro:Metro 8,Exit 1 or Exit 4, Yaohua Station/Exit 3, China Art Museum Station


【Line up】


“Pat Metheny Unity Group”

Pat Metheny:guitars and orchestrion

Chris Potter:saxophones and flutes

Antonio Sanchez:drums

Ben Williams:acoustic & electric basses

Giulio Carmassi:piano/voice/trumpet/guitar


*Special Guests:Li Xiaochuan、Ekram

                          Gu Jing、Ma Jiajun

                          Tu Huabing、Zhang Meng



1. Please take your ID card or passport to change for the tickets.

2. Please cooperate with security staff and procedures at security checkpoints. It is strictly forbidden to bring in any drinks, pets, combustibles, explosives, sharp objects or knives into the venue.

3.The performance will go on in all weathers(apart from natural disasters). Please prepare wetsuit, raincoat, moisture-proof pad, cap, towel and so on.

4.Children that are less than 1.3 meters tall that are accompanied by an adult may enter into the venue for free. Please look after your children for their own safety and to make sure they do not disturb others.

5.Please do not throw litter or cigarettes onto the ground. Smoking areas and litter bins are provided.

6.Please follow the signs in the venue. If you need help please ask the staff.

7.It is prohibited to throw anything onto any of the performance stages such as light sticks or other objects.

8.Please dispose of chewing gum respectfully. Do not spit it onto the ground or stick it anywhere except in the refuse bins provided.

9.Please keep your possessions safe at all times and do not leave personal property unguarded.

10.When the performances finish please leave the venue in an orderly fashion and do not block the paths out of the venue.

11.Please only drink alcohol in moderation. Please do not drink and drive.

12.In case of bad weather, please pay attention to the official notice.    



JZ Music has the final right of interpretation of these rules.