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Anuar Kaldekhan

Anuar Kaldekhan, an indie musician. He is good at guitar,a variety of Kazak folk musical instruments and unique sound innovation.

His creation is rooted in the traditional philosophy of Kazakhstan, "küy", a kind of the high degree of sensibility achieved with sound, through the contemporary sound expression to explore the music with modern consciousness. His live performance often brings a strong visual sense through the psychedelic sound field to fully create and the mood and the environment improvisation.

Anuar was a former member of IZ band, and has formed "Alakhan", Anuar and "7" band and toured in the UK, Poland and several home cities.From 2015,he started solo plan to participate in various art museum projects, such as the morning art space The "No Window Landscape" series of sound practice sound field, and the Shanghai POA experimental music brand "1 ton and a half" and so on; he also participated in the traditional music on Kazakhstan academic projects, such as compilation work "Tashi" folk Music archives in the "territory of Xinjiang Sibuzi flute" .In 2014 ,he lectured "Sa Ren: Bacchus chanting" at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music held by the International Shaman Seminar .