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Chinese high quality jazz voice - Zhao Ke

Dutch versatile singers - Monique Klemann

Connect Shanghai with Amsterdam in music

Treat your ears with a pleasant journey of tenderness and to coolness over the countries

In the summer of 2016,when Coco reminisced with his good friend, music producer Jeroen Den Hengst (Chinese name black jade dragon),they happened to hear a fresh, refined and catchy songs, which is "Coool" written by Jeroen famous for the famous Netherlands singer Monique Klemann who once performed with Prince. After, Jeroen invited Coco to join the song's re-creation, and complete the song in two parts, thus wrote the Chinese lyrics, melted with his unique tenderness. After Zhao and Monique each broke he boundaries of sex in the MV, interpretating the unbelievable enchanting beauty. The single "Coool" and Monique Klemann's EP first released in the end of November 2016 in the Netherlands. Zhao was also invited to the Netherlands as tour guests of Monique’s album. In March of 2017,Chinese version of the song come to several main platforms in mainland China, and were embraced by the audience As a result, the two music friends started more cooperations.

In October 2017, the two glamorous singers will meet in China, and tour with the other five outstanding musicians from all over the world,deliver the sound of China and Netherlands, intertwine with the most tender and cool notes, with attached visual and listening experience to the most beautiful gold autumn.