【Performance Adjustment Notice】


We are sorry to telling you that Yunggiema cannot be the special guest performing with Pat Metheny Unity Group, on BMW Master Open For All·Ceremony of JZ Festival 2014, Oct 17th. But we still have Chinese premier jazz trumpeter Li Xiaochuan and flamenco musician Ekram  instead of Yunggiema. Hope you enjoy it!



Li Xiaochuan , jazz trumpeter, composer and educator, who has been one of China's premier jazz musicians since his emergence. He is one of the top ten Chinese woodwind & brass artists and the only jazz artist who has been awarded by CCTV (China Central Television) Music Channel in 2013. As an educator, he teaches jazz music in the department of modern instruments and percussion at the prestigious Shanghai Conservatory.




Ekram is one of few musicians master in Chinese folk music and flamenco music before getting his fame through music talent show The Voice of China. He grew up and studied music in his home town Xinjiang. Then he studied further in Spain and now live in Shanghai. He is the leader of KUZU, a band combines Chinese folk, flamenco, jazz and rock together.


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