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Mads Mathias

Mads Mathias grew up partly in his native town of Silkeborg, Denmark and partly in Tanzania, in a musical home with 34 instruments, which he explored from infancy. The saxophone became his main instrument, but at the age of 17 he injured his hand in a car accident, losing three fingers. Afraid that his playing days were over, he began to sing and write songs. Fortunately the rehabilitation of his hand enabled him to play the saxophone once again and he was accepted to study at the Copenhagen Rhythmic Music Conservatory, where he received a diploma in 2007.

‘Free Falling’ won him a Danish Music Award for ‘Best New Danish Jazz Artist of the Year’ as well as a nomination for ‘Danish Vocal Release of the year’. He was also awarded an ‘Honorable Mention’ at the International Songwriting Competition for his song ‘Fool for Love’. ‘Free Falling has received airplay on Danish radio stations DR P1, DR P4, and P8 JAZZ.

Recently Mads Mathias received the Leo Mathisen award which is one of the highest acknowledgement in danish jazz.