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Shi Lei & Wang Mengying

Shi Lei and Wang Mengying formed an instrumental group focused on world music,then began active in several major performance stages and also created their own music.They served as performance guests jnby "hidden" series of documentary, TV series "good" Hand dish, Chengdu TV "seven search" video recording soundtrack, also as a Shenzhen TV "show" and the Southeast TV "good learning bar" column, interviewed by the "Shanghai Weekly”, "Arty" Life "" Vantage "" Life Weekly "" GQ "and other magazine media interviews and invited to shoot the recordings are jnby produced" Yin-Le Shi Lei ", " and Taobeside play produced”Qie Ting Feng Yin- Musician Shi Lei ", Yitiao TV produced" magic “the craziest couple in Shanghai”, Dalian TV interview section" Come for you ".

Shi Lei

As a talented drummer, Shi Lei transformed gradually from 2011, began to study and study all kinds of world instruments.

In addition to some of the common percussions, he also studied some of the more rare percussion instrument of the African tribes, the Middle East, India, including a rare musical instrument handpan which is hardly found in the world.At the same time, he learns various national wind instruments all over the world and uses handspan as his main instrument for producing and performing the fushion of world music.

Wang Mengying

China's first female didgeridoo musician.The first time she recognized didgeridoo in 2008,she asked her friend to bring one from Austrulia ,started to teach herself and learning from performers overseas via Internet.She gained the systemic training of every performing methods of didgeridoo and mixed it with different kinds of instruments like hang, tidal, Indian flute, percussion to blend and build her own style.